• Jennifer Becker, deputy legal director for Legal Momentum, a New York-based nonprofit women’s legal defense group, said it's hard to buy Brafman's suggestion that the charges were suddenly sprung on the defense given that both sides negotiated the terms of his surrender."They didn’t just show up at his home at dawn and take him into custody," Becker said. "I think that given one of these complaining witnesses has also spoken publicly, unlike a lot of other criminal prosecutions, Mr. Weinstein has had a lot of notice that he was being investigated."
  • They create two types of women in bedtime stories: the innocent and gullible princess and the deceitful and wicked witch. They ask all women to be the former, but secretly believe that all women are the latter. They demand that women be pure—but call women natural liars. 
  • But advocates for child sex-trafficking victims pushed back against the idea that sites like Backpage could act as a third-party safeguard for users. Carol Robles-Román, the former chief executive and president of Legal Momentum, has documented more than three dozen news reports of people who were murdered after being listed on Backpage.
  • New York, NY, April 9, 2018—“Legal Momentum applauds the Department of Justice for taking decisive action to shut down the Backpage website on Friday, April 6. This action will prevent countless more victims, including our most vulnerable children, from being trafficked online for sex. We believe the DOJ’s action sends a strong signal to other outlets looking to mimic Backpage’s heinous behavior,” said G. Elaine Wood, Chair of the Board of Legal Momentum.
  • An April 5 article on, INTERVIEW: Marian Hatcher sets the record straight on the new U.S. anti-trafficking bill, SESTA-FOSTA, cites Legal Momentum’s research and provides an excellent explanation of why trafficking survivors and the organizations that represent them advocated for this new legislation.
  • Lynn Hecht Schafran, an expert in gender issues affecting courts, said in an interview that she expects defense lawyers to question potential jurors about their views on sexual abuse in light of the #MeToo movement.
  • Legal Momentum Advocates for Historic Anti-Trafficking LegislationOn Wednesday, March 21, the Senate voted overwhelmingly, 97-2, to pass FOSTA-SESTA, the anti-trafficking bill that modifies Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA). Legal Momentum was actively involved in advocating for this historic legislation that will enable survivors to take legal action against websites that knowingly facilitate commercial sex trafficking.