Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women

  • Determined whether a family court judge erred in refusing to consider whether a protective order could exclude a batterer from a home.

  • Determined whether the U.S. government violated international human rights treaties by failing to protect an individual from – and provide a remedy for – domestic violence, when local law enforcement failed to do so.

  • Determined whether applying a housing complex's "zero tolerance for violence" policy by threatening a person with eviction for having been the victim of domestic violence unlawfully discriminates on the basis of sex.

  • Congress enacted the Communications Decency Act (“CDA”) for the primary purpose of preventing children from viewing indecent or otherwise harmful material online.

  • Determined whether the federal domestic violence misdemeanor gun ban law -- the Lauternberg Amendment -- requires a domestic relationship between the offender and the victim.

  • Determined the right to sue for civil rights remedies under VAWA and the power of Congress to enact VAWA. The decision was overruled, in part, by the Supreme Court's decision in U.S. v. Morrison.

  • Determined the right to sue a parish priest and diocese for sexual misconduct and demand civil remedies under VAWA.

  • Determined the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases in Colorado.

  • Concerned the application of the doctrine of parental tort immunity in the case of incest.

  • Addressed the right of domestic violence victims to protection from employment discharge under North Carolina public policy.

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