Sex-Based Classifications

Sex-Based Classifications

  • Determined the right of a non-biological lesbian mother to visitation with children she raised with her former partner.

  • Determined the constitutionality of state anti-sodomy laws.

  • Determined the parental rights of a non-biological lesbian co-parent after she and the biological co-parent are no longer partners.

  • Determined whether the Boy Scouts of America have a constitutional right to revoke the membership of a scout leader for being gay despite state law prohibiting such discrimination in places of public accommodation.

  • Determined the constitutionality of state “head and master” laws, which deem the husband “master” of all marital property and allows him to control marital property without his wife’s consent.

  • Decided the constitutionality of a ban on same-sex marriage in Maryland.

  • Determined whether a criminal statute against same-sex sexual relations violated constitutional rights of lesbians and gay men.

  • Considered whether the Fraternal Order of Eagles' scope of operations made it a "public accommodation" under state law, forbidding it to discriminate against female members.

  • Considered the constitutionality of New Jersey's ban on same sex marriage.

  • Determined whether it is a violation of equal protection to apply a hundred-year-old Massachusetts law that denies marriage to persons who could not legally marry in their home state to same sex couples seeking to marry in Massachusetts.

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