Employment and Work

Employment and Work

  • Determined the right to sue under Title VII for wrongful discharge when a woman is dismissed from employment because her batterer works in the same establishment and has threatened with violence if she is not fired.

  • Determined whether money awarded for lost compensation during the period between judgment on an employment sexual harassment case and reinstatement of an employee constitute an element of compensatory damages under the Civil Rights Act of 1991, such that it is subject to the Act's statutory cap on such damages.

  • Determined the right of an employee to sue her employer for pay discrimination if she does not bring her claim within 180 days of her employer's pay decision.

  • Outlined the definition of a gender-discriminatory hostile work environment under Title VII.

  • Determined whether an employer violated federal anti-discrimination law when it responded to an employee's sexual harassment complaint by transferring her to a less desirable job and later suspending her without pay for over a month.

  • Determined the right of abuse victim to leave work to obtain protection orders against an abuser.

  • Determined whether Wal-Mart's female employees should be treated as a nationwide class in a Title VII suit against their employer.

  • Determined the evidence standard for sex discrimination in employment (Title VII) cases, and resolved whether a promotion based on sex stereotyping is in violation of Title VII.

  • Determined that the requirements for the timely filing of federal employment discrimination claims are regulated by the facts of the case, not a bright-line rule.

  • Determined the right of a female laborer to bring claims of sex discrimination for being forced by her employer to do the most menial work on a job site while being denied more lucrative opportunities

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